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What Does a Real Estate Agent Want to Know About a Title Company?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

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One of the best ways to build your referral system as a title agent is to network with real estate agents. After all, they are the individuals that have a direct connection to the buyer or seller of a piece of property - someone who is going to need title services.

These agents are not likely to refer their clients to just anyone. So what does a real estate agent want to know about a title company?

Does the Title Company Have a Good Reputation?

For a real estate agent to recommend a title company, the agent will have to feel confident in the company. They will look at its reputation, how clients are treated, how efficient the agent’s processes are, and so forth.

When they make that referral, they want to know that their clients are going to be in good hands and will have an overall positive experience.

Does the Title Company Offer the Right Services?

A real estate agent looks for a title company that offers the right services - and has the experience to handle them. They want to know that when they refer a client the whole transaction is not going to fall apart at the hands of the title company.

They want to feel confident that the services will have an efficient flow to keep the real estate transaction moving forward to completion.

Does the Title Company Charge Affordable Fees?

Title companies charge fees for the title search as well as the title insurance policy. The cost for the policy is frequently regulated by a state agency. But there are a host of additional costs a title agency may charge. They may charge fees for things like wire fees, delivery fees, courier fees, mobile notary fees, doc prep fees, and more.

A real estate agent notices the fees that the title company charges. If they seem excessive, the agent is likely going to send their clients elsewhere.

Does the Title Company Communicate Securely?

Communication from a title company is so important. If a client doesn’t hear from the title company about the status of the closing, they are going to be calling the realtor. This is often not what a real estate agent would prefer.

Realtors want to make sure that communication is open between the parties so that everyone is in the loop. A title company should have a standard procedure in place to keep the lines of communication open - and should be able to explain this if asked by a realtor.

What’s more, with the incredible amount of fraud that is taking place in the industry, a real estate agent wants to make sure the title company has taken precautions to keep their client from suffering a hard-hit loss. Secure communications and encrypted email are important tools for the title agent.

Learn More at Conestoga Title

Want to learn more about all the ways to elevate your title company - and catch the eye of real estate agents? Conestoga Title can help, whether you are just starting out or you are established and looking to grow.

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