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Title Agents Closing Protection Letters
& Policy Jackets

Conestoga Title Online CPL and Policy Jacket Generator

At Conestoga Title, we offer extensive support to all of our agents. We’re dedicated to providing our independent title agents with the tools they need to be successful. We assist with prompt underwriting guidance and personal agency support services. 


After all, our focus is always on assisting our agents - not competing against them. Instead of opening branch offices or forming joint ventures that compete with our agents, our business plan is based entirely on assisting our agents with a wide range of services. 


And one of those services is exclusive access to Agent Extranet.

What is Agent Extranet?

An extranet is a controlled private network that allows access to an organization’s partners, to view information accessible only from its intranet.

At Conestoga Title, our Agent Extranet is a user-friendly online system for generating Closing Protection Letters (CPL) and Policy Jackets. This user-friendly system makes it easy for agents to create title insurance documents for delivery to their clients and also makes it simple to track those documents without having to maintain cumbersome paper logs. 


The Agent Extranet also includes a link for agents to perform their own Patriot Act name searches, free of charge, on the Office of Foreign Assets Control website.


Conestoga is committed to keeping up with technology in the title insurance industry and continues to invest in its Agent Extranet to make enhancements that will allow its agents to operate with more efficiency.


Conestoga Title Agents benefit from the full resources of Conestoga Title from Agent Extranet to our ALTA webinars, our research libraries and support staff.

Frequently Asked Questions


What services and assistance does Conestoga Title provide its independent agents?

Conestoga offers assistance that includes: 


  • Customer service and competitive advantages for our agents including accessibility to decision makers

  • Agent Extranet online closing protection and policy jacket generator - for generating Closing Protection Letters and Policy Jackets makes it easy for agents to create title insurance documents for clients track those documents without creating cumbersome paper logs

  • ALTA Best Practices Resource Center - assisting in the implementation and documentation of ALTA Best Practices policies and procedures

  • Guidance for establishing Affiliated Business Arrangements and Joint Ventures -

which can create additional profit centers for realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders and builders/developers. Our regional representatives provide guidance to our agents for new opportunities 

  • Top-rated agency seminars with CE and CLE accreditation -  we provide continuing education for our title agents, to assist in keeping them informed about relevant title industry topics; offering access to continuing education credits for title agents and continuing legal education credits for attorneys 

How can your ALTA Best Practices Resource Center benefit me?

Our center is user friend, and offerings customizable policies and procedures templates, completed sample templates to assist our agents with drafting policies and procedures, links to vendors offering products or services to help bring your operations into compliance with certain pillars of Best Practices, links to websites containing additional information that will help in drafting certain policies and procedure, and links to ALTA webinars for certain pillars of Best Practices.

What do Title Agents actually do?

Title agents give buyers the security they need to successfully purchase a property. They make sure the seller has proper ownership of the property they're selling, diligently researching everything from liens to chain of ownership.

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