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PA Title Insurance
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Calculate Your Title Insurance Rates

In any real estate transaction, there are a lot of costs that need to be paid - including the fee for title insurance. Unfortunately, many buyers do not have a good understanding of what title insurance is and how important it can be for protecting their ownership rights. 


So, what is title insurance?


When placing an order for title, a search is done to ensure that the property is free and clear - and that the seller actually has the right to sell. While the title may look good and the real estate transaction may proceed to settlement, there is always a chance that something was missed during the search. 


  • Judgments

  • Liens

  • Unknown heirs

  • Forged or fraudulent deeds

  • Undiscovered will

  • Encroachments

  • Easements


Many of these things and more can arise days - or even years - down the road and threaten the new owner’s right to title. This can turn into a lengthy and costly legal battle. 


With title insurance, a claim is filed and the owner’s rights will be fought for by the insurance company. 


Having an idea of the cost of title insurance can help buyers (and sellers) be prepared financially for the closing. Using our rate calculator, you will simply enter some basic property and transaction information. In turn, an estimate of the title insurance fees will be provided. This is a simple step to attain some very useful information. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How are title insurance fees determined? 

Calculating title insurance fees varies from state to state. In Pennsylvania, an owner’s title insurance policy is based on the purchase price and the lender’s title insurance policy is based on the amount of the loan. 


Are title insurance premiums the same throughout the state of Pennsylvania? 

Yes. The title insurance rates are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and will be the same amount throughout the state. 


How often are title insurance premiums paid in Pennsylvania?

Unlike other types of insurance, title insurance only involves a one-time payment at closing. If purchasing both an owner’s title insurance policy and a lender’s title insurance policy, a one-time premium payment for each will be required. 

Is title insurance necessary for new construction? 

Yes, title insurance is recommended for new construction properties. While the home itself may be new, the lot on which it is being built is not. That means there are likely many prior owners - and potential title issues. In the event that any title issues are not discovered during the title search, an owner’s title insurance policy will help to defend any threat to ownership rights in the future. 


Why would the lender require a new title insurance policy when refinancing? 

An owner’s title insurance policy is attached to the property whereas a lender’s title insurance policy is attached to the mortgage. During a refinance, the current mortgage is satisfied and a new mortgage takes its place. Therefore the initial lender’s title insurance policy is no longer effective and a new one needs to be issued for the new loan. This will still be necessary whether the refinance is with the original lender or a new one. 


How can I learn more about calculating title insurance? 

Buyers and sellers are sure to have questions about calculating title insurance so it is always a good idea to gain an understanding of how it works. To learn more about the cost of title insurance and to get your questions answered, contact the experts at Conestoga Title Insurance Co. at (800) 732-3555.

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