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Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Conestoga Title Insurance Co

Our Strategy

Quality underwriting service, prudent organic growth, efficient operations and conservative investing are keys to our success. We are committed providing prompt and personalized service and support to our network of independent title agents and Approved Attorneys. Our seasoned and friendly staff is knowledgeable and readily available.

Our Experience

Providing reliable title insurance since 1973, Conestoga Title has experience that makes a difference. Conestoga Title’s management team is comprised of experienced professionals who have earned the respect of our title agents, clients and peers in the title insurance industry. Our team of professional attorneys understands all aspects of the law in each state in which we conduct business. This experience, combined with a comprehensive database of industry information and our commitment to prompt, personal service, is what sets Conestoga Title apart.


We know Conestoga Title’s overall financial security and stability is important. Our dedication to quality, focus on excellence and strong balance sheet has earned Conestoga Title a Financial Stability Rating of “A Prime, Unsurpassed” by Demotech, Inc., a leading industry analyst that specializes in rating title companies.

Growth & Stability

Conestoga Title has experience growth in existing and new markets. While we look forward to expand our agency network, we never lose touch with our existing agents. The relationships that we have developed with our network of agents remain a vital part or our commitment to service.

Conestoga & the Independent Agent

Conestoga Title fully supports the independent agency system. We are dedicated to focusing our energy on supporting our agent’s operations, not competing with them. We believe that our agents are best served by delivering quality service to them. Unlike many other underwriters, we refrain from opening branch offices that will be in direct competition with our agents. Our agents can trust that we always have their best interests in mind.

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