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​Conestoga Title Agent Benefits

Competitive Advantage

Title insurance is a competitive business. Title agencies need the necessary tools and support to maintain their existing customers and expand their market share. Our Marketing Department provides support and solutions for our agents. We take a personal approach that is unique in the title insurance business. Agencies can count on us for a wide variety of services and support including:

  • Experienced regional representatives who understand the challenges of our customers

  • Assistance with marketing planning

  • Joint calls with prospective clients

  • Competitive commission splits

  • Rate calculation assistance (NOTE to Pennsylvania Agents - Please contact us to find out more about our pricing for Pennsylvania transactions in excess of $1million and how it can help you attract more business.)

The Role of a Title Agent

The role a title agent plays in a real estate transaction is significant. They must possess the skill and knowledge necessary to: ​​

  • Perform title searches to find title issues

  • Cure title defects

  • Act as the escrow agent and disburse all funds

  • Prepare and organize documents for the closing

  • Facilitate the closing

  • Have all necessary closing documents recorded


Filling this role and taking customers through their real estate transactions can be done on your own as a title agent. However, if you are looking to boost your level of success, enhance your customer experience, and grow your business, then partnering with Conestoga Title Insurance Co. may be the way to go. Besides, sometimes it just feels good to have someone on your side. 

When the support and the tools you need are accessible, you can keep your focus right where it needs to be

Why Choose Conestoga Title Co.? 

At Conestoga Title Co., we understand that you have a choice when it comes to who you want to work with. After all, those you choose to have as a support in your business will ultimately impact its success, growth, and security. So, you must choose wisely. 


Our experts can provide you with confidence, thanks to their extensive knowledge, experience, and accessibility. For decades we have offered a high level of support that is unmatched. We develop and nurture relationships with our title agents - and work to keep everyone as educated as possible with all aspects of the industry. 


All of this gives you a competitive advantage. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to keep customers happy?

If you want to keep your customers happy, you have to be able to serve them well. For title agents, that means being able to provide them with the answers to their questions, handle complex issues, and be able to provide an overall hassle-free real estate transaction.  

Are all title agents required to earn continuing education (CE) credits? 

Yes, title agents are required to earn continuing education credits. The number and frequency will vary depending on the requirements of each state. 

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