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Become a Conestoga Title Insurance Agent

At Conestoga Title, we welcome the opportunity to appoint new title agents for our company. We appoint all types of agencies – independent title agencies, affiliated title agencies, law firms, solo practitioners and start-ups. We seek to appoint individuals and entities that possess experience, financial stability and character. We provide our agents with the guidance and resources necessary for success while establishing a close working relationship with them to serve the needs of our policyholders.

Agent Prospect Application Procedure

Agents interested in joining our network will need to complete an Application for Approval. The Application needs to be completed by the agency owner(s) and submitted with the documentation requested including copies of licenses, E&O insurance, applicable bonds, personal financial statements and agency banking documents. Authorized signatories (those who will be appointed by Conestoga Title to sign commitments and policies) and individuals who are authorized check signers of the agent, are also required to complete and submit an Authorized Signatory Application.

Conestoga’s management will review all of the application documentation as well as the consumer credit reports for the owner(s) and authorized signatories. The final steps before approval and an official agency appointment are made include an on-site pre-signing audit and the execution of an Agency Agreement. Upon satisfactory completion of the application process a meeting will be scheduled for a "set-up". During this meeting, the agent and any key employees are provided with training on the use of Conestoga forms and procedures. Additional training sessions are scheduled, if necessary.

The length of time that it takes to establish an agency appointment is dependent on the title agent’s responsiveness with regard to the submission of the application materials.

Please email your completed application to

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Approved Attorney Prospect Application Procedure

Attorneys interested in our Approved Attorney program, need complete an Application for Approval and submit it along with evidence of malpractice insurance in an amount of at least $500,000 per claim.

Upon completion of background checks, each applicant is reviewed by Management.

Once approved, the attorney is provided with training material applicable to the Approve Attorney program.

Please email your completed application to

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