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Approved Attorney System with Conestoga

Approved Attorneys

At Conestoga, we know there are many lawyers specializing in areas of law other than real estate, but who sometimes perform settlements for their clients. We also recognize that other attorneys do a higher volume of real estate transactions, but do not want to hire additional staff or to be burdened with extra paperwork, overhead, and the liability associated with becoming a title agent. In either situation, we’ve found that our Approved Attorney System is an ideal option.

Office Meeting

Under the Approved Attorney System, an attorney holds closing and certifies title to Conestoga. The attorney has an opportunity on behalf of the client to negotiate the removal of objections and to negotiate special coverages, such as survey requirements or mechanic’s lien insurance. After the closing and recording of documents, Conestoga prepares and issues the policies on behalf of the owner and lender.


Throughout the entire process, Approved Attorneys can focus their attention on vigorous representation of their clients. The attorney provides competitive title insurance rates and charges only for services provided, such as settlement fees, document preparation, notary, and legal representation.


Our Approved Attorney System offers tremendous benefits to attorneys. These include:


  • Fast, efficient underwriting support that’s only a toll-free call away

  • Minimal paperwork 

  • No binders or policies for the attorney to prepare

  • Fees paid directly by the client

  • Competitive pricing for the attorney - your services can be competitively priced, as only the title insurance rates are state regulated

  • Access to Conestoga’s state-wide network of title agents, who offer the capability of quality title searches secured for any county


Approved Attorney Rates


Approved Attorney rates are for title insurance only. They do not include:


  • Cost of title search

  • Settlement cost

  • Document preparation

  • Notary fees

  • Recording charges

  • Legal counsel, which will be determined separately by the attorney


Approved Attorney rates apply when Conestoga’s Approved Attorney holds settlement and certifies title to the company. The cost of endorsements required by the lender is also not included in this fee.


An Approved Attorney must maintain a malpractice insurance policy with a minimum of $500,000.00 per claim.


Join Our Approved Attorney Network

If you’re interested in learning more about joining our Approved Attorney network, contact us today. You can also submit an application to join simply by clicking right here, to Join Our Network 

  • How does an attorney benefit from joining your network?
    Attorneys benefit in these ways: Minimal paperwork required No binders or policies for the attorney to prepare Fees paid directly by the client Competitive pricing for your services Access to Conestoga’s state-wide network of title agents, for quality title searches that can be secured for any county
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