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Real Estate Closing Services
& Resources is an excellent resource created by the American Land Title Association. It’s designed to help educate consumers about the process of closing when buying a home. The site explains what to expect, provides a closing checklist, and includes good information about closing costs.

What Information Does the Home Closing 101 Site Contain - and Why You Should Use It

At Home Closing 101 you’ll be able to find a wide array of information that can be helpful when you prepare yourself for closing on a property. That includes: 


  • Information on title insurance

  • Information about escrow fees 

  • Information about closing costs


The site can help you be fully prepared when the time comes to sign on that dotted line. 

The Home Closing 101 site is most helpful for first-time buyers. The more you know about the process, the more relaxed and at ease you’ll feel as you go through it. You’ll receive simple and clear explanations from the American Land Title Association about each step in the process, as well as finding hints on the ways to find the help you need to succeed on your path to home owning.

What is the American Land Title Association?

The American Land Title Association, or ALTA, was founded in 1907, and today, it’s the voice of the title insurance industry. Members of ALTA search, review and insure land titles. These titles are designed to protect home buyers and mortgage lenders in the real estate purchasing process.​

ALTA members work hard to advocate for a safe and efficient transfer of real estate, insisting on the highest of standards when searching land title records and in the preparation of insurance documents. The industry does its best to eliminate risk before insuring. This gives home buyers the best possible outcome to avoid any land title problems. 


All the same, sometimes a few difficulties do occur after buying, so ALTA members offer both owner and lender insurance policies as safeguards for home buyers and lenders alike.

How Home Closing 101 Can Help

The Home Closing 101 website contains a comprehensive Protect Your Property Rights section which does a very good job of explaining the advantages of purchasing owner’s title insurance and the cost of title insurance. You can also read about some real-life title problems on the site, and learn about the various elements of a title policy and a title search.


The site even contains a Real Estate Glossary to help familiarize consumers with some of the most common terms they can expect to hear during the closing process.


Conestoga Title wants to encourage you to visit to get all the advantages that this valuable resource can offer. 

  • How does an attorney benefit from joining your network?
    Attorneys benefit in these ways: Minimal paperwork required No binders or policies for the attorney to prepare Fees paid directly by the client Competitive pricing for your services Access to Conestoga’s state-wide network of title agents, for quality title searches that can be secured for any county
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