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Why Choose Conestoga Title

Why Choose a Conestoga Agent to conduct my closing and issue my policy?

Conestoga thoroughly vets its agents before it appoints them as policy issuing agents. Each agent undergoes an exhaustive evaluation by Conestoga’s seasoned staff who understands what it takes to be a good title insurance agent. Everyone who applies to become a Conestoga agent is evaluated on their experience, integrity, knowledge and professionalism. Conestoga is committed to only appointing top quality agents who will represent the company well and do the best job possible for title insurance consumers. Conestoga views its agents as teammates who, together, strive to provide the best home buying/borrowing experience to all parties involved in the real estate transaction.

Conestoga maintains a manageable number of independent agents throughout its mid-atlantic footprint. It’s not Conestoga’s goal to have the most agents possible in the most states possible. It is the goal of Conestoga to have good, top quality agents throughout its mid-atlantic footprint who are experts in their local markets. Conestoga’s agents have direct access to the company’s top management and decision makers allowing for quick answers on complex issues.

When you choose a Conestoga agent, you get the experience and knowledge of a local professional who identifies with Conestoga’s philosophy of doing things right. You also get an underwriter in Conestoga who is there when it matters most for its policyholders, independent title agents, realtors, builders and mortgage lenders.

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