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ALTA Best Practices

ALTA Best Practices Resource Center

Conestoga Title is dedicated to providing independent title agents with the tools necessary for success. Among the assistance we provide our agents is exclusive access to the ALTA Best Practices Resource Center. This Resource Center specifically assists Conestoga agents in the implementation and documentation of ALTA Best Practices policies and procedures.

ALTA Best Practices 

The American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) created the Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices Framework in 2013. It was designed to address industry concerns about consumer protection regulations as well as the vetting of title insurance agents by mortgage lenders as a result of Federal Government guidance. 


ALTA’s Best Practices Framework outlines the policies and procedures that title insurance agents should exercise to protect lenders and consumers and in order to demonstrate their ability to comply with regulatory and industry standards.


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Conestoga is committed to serving its agents as the industry implements its Best Practices. Our ALTA Best Practices Resource Center was developed specifically to assist Conestoga agents with implementing and documenting ALTA Best Practices policies and procedures. 


Utilizing the information and tools available in the Resource Center, Conestoga agents gain an understanding of the various policies and procedures that need to be in place to put together their own customized Best Practices Manual. 


The user-friendly Resource Center contains:


  • Policies and Procedures Templates that can be customized

  • Completed Sample Templates to assist with drafting of policies and procedures

  • Additional resources including links to vendors offering products or services to help you bring your operations into compliance with certain pillars of Best Practices

  • Website links containing additional information to help with drafting certain policies and procedures

  • Links to ALTA webinars for certain pillars of Best Practices


Offering exceptional customer service to and advantages for our agents, Conestoga Title is here to help. Our ALTA Best Practices Resource Center is one of the tools we provide for your success.

  • How does an attorney benefit from joining your network?
    Attorneys benefit in these ways: Minimal paperwork required No binders or policies for the attorney to prepare Fees paid directly by the client Competitive pricing for your services Access to Conestoga’s state-wide network of title agents, for quality title searches that can be secured for any county
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